SELLISE - Girl Gang Part Two.

As you know, we missed off these beauts from the first blog post. So here you go, we asked the girls a few questions whilst lockdown continues... Lauren Boothby, Lauren Worboys, Jenna Cartwright, Darcy Williams, Jess Hall and Alma Grabner.


What have you enjoyed most about lockdown and what will you remember about this strange time in our lives?

As sad as the whole situation is and the negative impacts it's had on health and the economy, for my own personal reasons, it's been a blessing in disguise. It's allowed me to return to my family in Portugal and spend quality time with them. It's also meant I could focus on my university work without any distractions. With the gyms being closed, I've got into yoga, which is exactly what my body needed after all the heavy weights I lift as part of my normal routine. 


How long have you been an influencer/ model and what do you love about your job?

I've been modelling since I was 14 (4 years) but only recently started influencing. SELLISE is the first brand that I've collaborated with and it's very exciting!


How have you managed to stay in shape during lockdown? Any tips...

During lockdown I've made sure I haven't become obsessed with counting calories. I've allowed myself lot's of treats, as I've been running everyday. I love going for a run, I don't see it as a chore. It's good to mentally switch off and build up a good sweat! I find running is the best form of cardio for me and gets the best results.


What's your next holiday destination and what's been your favourite trip in the past

It's so tough, because one thing I've thought about during lockdown, is just how many beautiful places I've not yet experienced. I planned to visit Hawaii, but obviously waiting to see what's going on with flights. Favourite trip in the past  - has to be Tulum! Bali is amazing but Tulum just beats it for me!


In general, do you prefer takeaway and a night-in OR dinner and then a night-out?

Lauren Worboys:
It all depends on my mood haha but I don't really go out clubbing! I love getting dressed up and going for dinner, but you can't go wrong with takeaway and a night-in.


Fave influencers you're following during lockdown?

Lauren Boothby:
Ooooh this is hard! I suppose if I had to choose, Krissy Cela as she's motivating me to workout during lockdown. Jess Hunt is so beautiful and I love her fashion content. Gergana Ivanova has a gorgeous feed and I've recently started following a girl called Laulanne Cecilia who is drop dead gorgeous!



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