• SELLISE - Natural Canvas Tote Bag

    It's amazing to see so many people shifting from plastic bags, to reusable shopping bags. The primary reason is of course the environment and preventing further plastic waste, which scars our planet with litter that may never truly degrade!  Equally, these lightweight bags can travel long distanc... View Post
  • SELLISE - Paradise Collection

    Out Now - Visit the Paradise Collection page to view all the new pieces. Made from 100% sustainable bamboo, which is super soft and perfect for those with sensitive skin.  Made in Bali. View Post
  • SELLISE - Black Cross Sale

    40% off everything throughout November, whilst stock lasts. Don't miss out on this huge discount on leading products, which will return to full price when the sale ends. Please note, there are no refunds or exchanges on 'sale' items. View Post
  • SELLISE - Unity Fund

    Finally, after 5 months of planning, deliberation and passionate discussions around what projects to support, we finally launch the SELLISE UNITY FUND. You can support us here by kindly donating. At this point it's important to acknowledge the terrible circumstances which finally pushed us to con... View Post