SELLISE - Unity Fund

Finally, after 5 months of planning, deliberation and passionate discussions around what projects to support, we finally launch the SELLISE UNITY FUND. You can support us here by kindly donating.

At this point it's important to acknowledge the terrible circumstances which finally pushed us to conclude our planning and launching the new fund. The horrific and inexcusable death of George Floyd on the 25th May, will certainly be engrained in our hearts forever and our prayers are with his family and friends.

Project One.
Who: Plan International (
What: Child Sponsorship 
How Much: £500.00
Overview: Details of our sponsorship, including photos of the beautiful little girl we have sponsored, will be announced on this page very soon. We will follow her journey over this next year and highlight ways to protect girls from poverty and end child marriage.


Project Two.
Who: Gal-Dem  (
What: Membership Subscription 
How Much: £144.00
Overview: Gal-Dem is an award-winning media company committed to championing the creative work of women and non-binary people of colour. SELLISE believe this is an incredible project to support and it's also very educational. 


Project Three.
Who: Official Gianna Floyd Fund  (
What: Donation 
How Much: $250.00
Overview: After the murder of her father, George Floyd - the Go Fund Me Page was set up by Gianna's mother to raise money for her education. The beautiful six year old won our hearts after sending such a brave message of hope to the world after the tragic death of her father. We feel supporting Gianna with her education is an incredibly worthy cause and we are so happy to see that her fund has now surpassed its target.
To recommend charitable organisations for the SELLISE UNITY FUND to support, please send us a message via WhatsApp +44 7734 254034


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