SELLISE - A Typical Day in Lockdown

How are you coping with staying at home?

Like the rest of the world, we're just trying to stay active and positive. It's certainly a challenge, but we cannot class this as hardship by any means. We're lucky to have so much entertainment at our fingertips. Daily online workouts have definitely been one of our favourite things to do during this 'Stay Home' isolation period.


Has it been difficult to work away from the office?

Of course, the team miss the social interaction and also having proper structure to the day. But timing has been on our side, as we were already in the final stages of designing the new season just before the Government enforced the lock down. So now that the factory team has everything they need, we are simply overseeing the UK warehouse and making sure customers get their deliveries just as fast as they normally would.


Are you staying healthy or opening the wine?

A little bit of both, as balance is key right :-) There are certainly days when we check the time to see if it's acceptable to have a glass, but by doing one of the home workouts at 9am (@courtneyblack), it actually sets you up really well for the day. You keep that positive and healthy mindset right the way through to 5pm. Thanks Courtney!


What's usually on the office playlist? 

It's actually really varied, from Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere, to Hot Creations - Benediction. But anything from The Weekend or Dua Lipa is fine by us! We'd love to see her wearing one of our SELLISE sets. So, @dualipa, if you're reading this ;-)


What should we expect from the new season?

New colours, new designs and a lot of booty! Keep an eye out....


Season 5. Launches May 2020 



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