SELLISE - It was all a dream!

Why are you in New York?

Amanda and I have travelled to New York to meet with an incredible lady that has been in the activewear industry for over 30 years. She kindly agreed to meet, even though she doesn't normally offer consultancy. But after reading about our hopes and dreams for SELLISE,  she wanted to meet and help any way possible.


Tell us about the meeting?

We met at SoHo House in the Meatpacking district, which is always busy but on the day of the meeting, it was incredibly busy. We ended up having to take the meeting on the roof top in a small bar by the outdoor swimming pool. This was fun but as it's March, the weather was freezing!


How did the meeting help?

It was incredible to learn about different factories around the world and which regions are known for producing the best quality garments. Also, to learn of the huge investment going into a new manufacturing process called 'seamless'. We benefitted greatly from the meeting and it just went to reinforce our decision to get into activewear.


So, what next? 

There are many takeaways from the meeting, so we just need to digest everything and plan the next steps. As you know, SELLISE currently only sells Caps and Tee's, and these items carry a low MOQ (minimum order quantity). So, a move into activewear would be a significant investment, but our gut tells us it's the right decision!


Sounds like a successful trip!

It really was and I think it will be a defining moment for SELLISE.


The meeting in New York started at 11.11am, which to this day is a significant number for SELLISE.


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