Finally, after 5 months of planning, deliberation and passionate discussions around what projects to support, we finally launch the SELLISE UNITY FUND. You can support us here by kindly donating. At this point it's important to acknowledge the terrible circumstances which finally pushed us to con... View Post
  • SELLISE - Girl Gang Part Two.

    As you know, we missed off these beauts from the first blog post. So here you go, we asked the girls a few questions whilst lockdown continues... Lauren Boothby, Lauren Worboys, Jenna Cartwright, Darcy Williams, Jess Hall and Alma Grabner.   What have you enjoyed most about lockdown a... View Post
  • SELLISE - Resistance Bands

    No limitations... train anywhere with our new resistance bands! Features include:- Premium fabric band- Durable and lightweight- Silicone lining for non-slip hold- Raised rubber tab SELLISE Signature logo- Mesh carry bag included- 55% latex and 45% Polyester Cotton- One size for all Available soo... View Post
  • SELLISE - Girl Gang Part One.

    As a brand, we typically scout the girls we wish to work with. That said we would never close the door on anyone passionate about modelling and wanting to represent SELLISE. Many of you will know, SELLISE has worked with some amazing girls who now have over a million followers. We are so proud to... View Post