SELLISE - Behind the scenes with the Boss in Bali

Model - Alice Deren
Photographer - Sydney Symons
Shoot Director - David SELLISE
Location - Alternative Beach, Bali.


Good's 7am and already so hot! Are you looking forward to the shoot today?

Morning! Yes, it's incredibly warm today, so the aim is to shoot what we need and all be in the pool with a cold beer by 10am :-)


Is this the first time you've all worked together?

Yes and it's very exciting! SELLISE hasn't done a shoot for nearly a year, so choosing the best team was very important! Alice (Russian model) was an easy choice, as she's so striking but also has such a calming personality. Syd (Australian photographer) came highly recommended and I can see why, she's already in complete control and needs no guidance from me!


Why Bali?

Very few people know this, but my family has over one hundred years of history in fashion. My great great-grandmother travelled the world to gain inspiration for the dresses she made. This was unheard of back then, but I share the belief that you have to travel and see new cultures, to get the inspiration you need to create unique designs, in beautiful colours only found in nature.


How long will you stay in Bali?

It's actually a permanent move for both me and the brand. Yesterday we hired an incredible lady, who will be our Production Manager. Her role is to oversee everything we produce, both in China and Bali. I can't tell you how pleased we are to have met this lady, as her knowledge of fabrics and techincal knits is second to none! We will of course keep the office in the UK to handle all the marketing and will continue to store and ship all items from the warehouse in Chorley, Lancashire (UK).


I know you're rushed for time, but before we leave you to get on with the shoot, for those that don't know... how would you explain what SELLISE is about? 

SELLISE is a brand focussed on strong community values and giving our customers premium quality for the lowest price. We use technical fabrics to create a more comfortable and flattering fit, whilst offering a lifetime stitch guarantee. I honestly believe we do our upmost to ensure the customer gets the very best product, along with the very best service!

Big thank you to David for probably the first and last interview we do with him. He's very much a behind the scenes boss.

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